Are Amber teething necklaces safe?

Are Amber teething necklaces safe?

  Just like any necklace, there is the possibility that it may break if enough force is used. However makers of teething necklaces do their best to ensure their products are as safe as possible, and it is unlikely your baby will have the strength to break it themselves. Most amber teething necklaces are made so that the necklace is knotted or double knotted either side of each bead – so if the necklace does happen to break, only one of the very small beads will fall off. Even if the bead is swallowed, amber is non-toxic. Europeans started using amber in traditional medicine long ago.

  Also, clasps on amber teething necklaces usually consist of a screw clasp for added safety. Because the beads are supposed to sit on the skin and not be chewed, the necklace length is usually short – so they don’t hang down like usual necklaces, which would make them easy to catch on things. Most younger babies don’t even realise its on or go to grab it

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