Unique Amber stone with Thuja inclusion. Genuine baltic amber

  • Unique and natural Baltic amber stone with Thuja inclusion
  • Dimensions of the stone are: 33x32.18x8.7 mm  (1.29x1.26x0.34inches)
  • Max length of inclusion is 23.3mm (0.9inches)
  • Weight: 5.3g
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Inclusion - a unique nature phenomenon

Rare and unique, over time found less and less, both the botanical and animal inclusions not only add beauty, but also are of potential scientific value and a number one "hunted" item for amber collectors all around the world.

Amber inclusions are like snapshots made 50 million years ago, which give a possibility to study behavior of some species, the relationships between them. Insects got into the resin in unbelievable moments: laying eggs, mating, getting out of cocoons, spiders spinning their web or catching a prey; swarms of flies, mosquitoes or termites, which got into resin during wedding flights.

Sticky and tacky resin became trap for insects, arachnid, and even lizards. Amber resin was very runny but got hardened when evaporated. Any trapped fly or ant remained preserved forever that‘s how inclusions were formed.

There are also a botanical inclusions. Fragments of plants that are found in amber are usually small leaves, needles, flowers and their parts, sometimes - small twigs and fruits.

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Baltic Amber
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