How to care of your Amber Jewelry

How to care of your Amber Jewelry

Amber is a delicate and a gentle stone that must be treated with respect and taken good care of. There are certain rules that you have to follow to keep your amber jewelry in a perfect condition:

  • Never leave your amber under direct sunlight

  • Keep your jewelry away from too much hot or cold temperature

  • Always apply your perfume and hairspray before wearing the jewelry.

  • Never wash dishes or do laundry with your jewelry on.

  • Do not cook or clean your house with household cleansers while wearing an amber product.

  • Store your amber in a separate jewelry casket and protect it from getting in touch with other materials.

  • Clean your jewelry every time you wear it.

  • Ultrasonic or steam cleaner isn’t suitable for cleaning amber.

  • Always clean your amber jewelry with a mild solution of soapy and slightly warm water and use a flannel cloth (ony for polished amber)

  • Polish and make it shiny with olive oil and a soft cloth.

 So, if you want your amber jewelry to stay the same color, same condition, not to be cracked or crumbled because of sunlight, water, chemicals or other material, follow the tips mentioned above.

How to clean your jewelry? (only for polished amber)

Prepare a bowl of soapy water. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a few drops of liquid soap into it. Stir the solution enough so that the soap and water combine but not so much that it begins to foam.

Find a soft, clean cloth. Microfiber or flannel work best. Dip the cloth into the bowl and wring it out so that there is no dripping water left. You want the cloth to be damp, not wet.

Wipe the cloth over the amber jewelry to remove any dirt. Wipe the jewelry again immediately afterward with a dry cloth to dry it.

  • If you are cleaning more than one piece of jewelry, clean and dry each piece separately. Do not leave the amber to dry by itself, or you risk it turning cloudy.

Polish your amber with some olive oil. This not only removes grease marks, but also helps polish the amber. Apply a small amount of oil to your hands, and then rub the oil over the amber. Wipe it away immediately afterwards with a soft, dry cloth.

  • If you do not have olive oil, you can use almond oil instead.


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